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The time that you host your site at home?
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The time that you host your site at home?

Will the time come? When you have a software and you host your own website from home ? With faster internet connection? I think you so


  • YmpkerYmpker Member

    You can do that already now for smaller sites on a RasPi, or a small server and an IPv4 or IPv6 to 4 tunnel. A 100 Mbit/s connection will even be sufficient. The reason people host at providers is better network, DDoS protection and other convenient stuff.

  • I used to host some stuff at home in the mid 2000s even though I only had 1.5 Mb/s download and 100 Kb/s upload. lol.

  • electricity is not free. when you host a server from home than the electricity bill increases.
    2.also, you need separate hardware for the home.
    3. you think accessing your own pc public internet is not a good idea.
    4. need to monitor 24*7 and 365 your server must live.
    5. In an emergency when you are on vacation for 1-2 months and your server down then you need to go home in the middle of vacation. can host the only website its does not need emergency requirement or does not require all-time only
    7. your interconnection also requires high speed and static IP.

    1. But You Host with hosting provider there so many benefits over the home base server.
      you do not need to monitor server if your server down just open/raise a ticket they take care of issues and fix bugs and live your server in few hours can enjoy your vacation no need to come home.
      to hosting with hosting in an emergency situation also
    2. hosting providers have dedicated staff to handle any situation.
    3. children maybe damage your home server but in the data center, they have fire prevention tools/CCTV cameras in case electricity is not 24*7 in your home but they have a power backup generator and not allowed datacenter with valid cards or permission.
    4. they experts in hosting provider fields to handle any situation.
  • rcxbrcxb Member

    With VPSes from $2/yr, why would you host anything public from home?

  • definitelyliamdefinitelyliam Member, Provider

    I did this once as an experiment.

    I set up my Raspberry Pi 4 with a LEMP stack and slapped Wordpress on it. Since I'm on a CGNAT-ed provider at home, I set up OpenVPN on a spare server and pointed my domain to that IP, then used nginx to reverse-proxy back to my pi.

    Worked great but it served its purpose as an experiment. Load times were slow, since I'm on a relatively slow network at home.

    I'm back on Hetzner after all that.

    TeraDelta - DirectAdmin Hosting @ $5/Year

  • cpsdcpsd Member

    Always use Cloudflare as helper :)

  • Well, since I had a dedicated IP from the ISP, I just setup a DMZ to my Raspi, equipped with Nginx+MySQL+Php for Wordpress, or just Hugo sites.

    Maybe another purpose is host a website on a Tor hidden services.

    But long time ago, I use vps in the same country to serve the request by bypassing to my Raspi using tinc.

  • sanvitsanvit Member

    In South Korea, Korea Telecom gives out semi-dedicated IPs (not advertised as dedicated, but IP doesn't change for years or forever), and since fiber is all over the country for cheap (100M < $20, 1G < $40) people do host their own websites or file servers on NAS or rPi.

  • debaserdebaser Member
    edited August 13

    I used to do this from circa 2002-2006, just for fun. First at my parents house on a 1M upstream DSL-line. Later on a 1G (shared with all dormmates, but a dedicated external IP for me) line when I was at college. I used an old desktop pc and it worked.

    Never ran a real website on it, but used it for a mailserver, usenet and Icecast. Around 2006 I switched to a Hetzner dedi and a colocated server at the ISP I worked for at the time.

    I don't see a real future in it. I've currently got a 500/500 Mbps fiber connection at home, static ip and all. I even could upgrade it to 1G symmetric. So if got the connection, but I'm still not really running anything at home. I really can't do this better than any hosting provider.

    And it's not cheaper either, because if you want a bit of a server you're going to draw like 5kW a day, which comes at 1 euro a day here in The Netherlands, so that's 30 EUR a month. Might as well get a Hetzner dedi for that.

    So unless the power in your country is subsidized or just cheap it will cost you more than a dedi. Even if the power is cheap or more power-efficient servers will arise you'd still need a place for a server to go, it has to be always powered on and it will be you thats responsible for all hardware failures.

    Nah, just give me a $7 VPS.

    Thanked by 1ErawanArifNugroho
  • I did run a dedicated server on an ADSL connection, in 1997, with 512 Kb/s upload. In fact, it was my very first dedicated server. I thought it was cool :)

    However, back to that time, I was not aware of search engine bots. Google, didn't yet exist (if I don't make mistake), but there was already the slurp bot of Yahoo, and altavista bot too, I forget its name, plus some others. And these bots were using all my bandwidth :)

    So, it was interesting experience, but nothing really usable.

    Today, of-course, connection are a lot faster, and stable. However, in my opinion, it will still b a lot cheaper, and convenient to rely on web hosts. You don't have to bother about the connectivity, the hardware, etc.

    :D Cyclothymic :disappointed:

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