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Looking for a Dedicated server
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Looking for a Dedicated server

I need a dedicated Server with
E5 Processor
64gb ram
2*480 SSD
5 ip
1gb port speed
Asia optimized any location

Budget around 50$.

Suggest me your cheapest offer.


  • Good budget with your luck.

  • jrheilandjrheiland Member, Provider

    Off the top, wholesale internet in the USA is the only thing I can think of. But yeah, your budget is gonna be quite hard to work with in that region.

  • thedpthedp Member

    I think your budget fits for an E3 but for an E5 with the specs you're looking for, you'll probably need to increase at least $20-$30 more.

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  • GodSpeedGodSpeed Member
    edited August 6

    Just like a joke, 1Gbps to Asia, do you still require unlimited bandwidth?
    It sounds like sucking weed,

    good luck.

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