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Looking for E-mail (SMTP Solution)
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Looking for E-mail (SMTP Solution)

SpecsblueSpecsblue Member
edited July 31 in Help

Hello everyone,
I use sendinblue actually for SMTP and Mailsending, mostly I use SMTP and the problem are that they have hourly limitation. Like 60-70 Mails over Smtp per hour and that sucks for me.

I'm looking for a new solution for that.

Purposes for what i use:

  • Register Mail (with Link confirm)
  • Support Mails (Zendesk or similar)

Size of mailing list is 25k+. for sending newsletters maybe is better to use a service, dont know.

What you guys can recommend to me to send out good mails with good inbox rate.

Thanks a lot to everyone!


  • Brend4nBrend4n Member

    Amazon SES should be good for your needs.

  • mail jet, sendgrid mailgun, pepipost, awsses

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  • MXRoute by @jar

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  • jarjar Provider

    @chocolateshirt said:
    MXRoute by @jar

    I could do it at 300 per hour max if it’s double opt in, but something with a higher send rate might make sense at that volume.

  • Sendgrid, using it for notifications emails for my website (registration, password reset etc.)

  • lots of factors work for email marketing.
    amazon ses allow you to increase per day sending limit 200 to 50k +
    max sending rate 14/sec
    if your email does not hard bounce or open rate is good then amazon ses is cheaper option in all. if a hard bounce rate must be below 5% if increase 10 % then they pause your account.
    gmail,yahoo,hotmail donot send 500/hour to these provider.

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  • tetechtetech Member

    We've found deliverability with Sendgrid and Mailgun to be crap, honestly.

    Best experience has been with SES, Socketlabs, MXroute. We've also looked at tipimail but no experience with that.

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  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Provider

    @Brend4n said:
    Amazon SES should be good for your needs.

    The best solution for SMTP relay.

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  • We have had very bad experiences with Sendgrid on almost every metric. We have however been extremely happy with Postmark and for that reason we provide absolutely free Postmark smtp integration with our VPS servers through our partner account. If you spin up a server with us and you get free Postmark transactional emailing for a single domain. Basically what we do is buy millions of credits in bulk with Postmark and bundle their service with our hosting packages.

  • PS: Postmark is only for transactional - for newsletter type mailings we would reccommend Campaign Monitor as an excellent service / solution which has worked well for many of our clients (and us) and is reasonably priced as well

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