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Hetzner's Weird Policy of cPanel License Pricing
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Hetzner's Weird Policy of cPanel License Pricing

Mahfuz_SS_EHLMahfuz_SS_EHL Member, Provider


Does cPanel charge their partner for a entire month of license despite ordering it on 15th/20th ?

Here at Hetzner, if you order a license at 25th of a month, you have to pay for full Price for 1st - 25th despite you ordered it on 25th.

I used internal cPanel Licenses from various providers, nobody has this sort of weird policy. If you order form 25th, you will get 1 month validity from 25th to 24th of next month.

I just want to know what is cPanel's policy in this ? Do they charge for a month if it's activated on 25th ??

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  • Adam1Adam1 Member

    are you sure it's not pro-rata?

  • HarambeHarambe Member

    Hetzner bills on the 1st, cPanel charges for the full month. So Hetzner and other providers do that to cover their ass.

    If you buy a license from them on the 20th, and then cancel at the end of the month, if they only charge you for 10 days they just lost 2/3rds of that license fee.

    I would just install a cPanel trial license temporarily, and then make sure you purchase the full license on the 1st of the month.

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  • ZerpyZerpy Member

    cPanel counts the licenses once a month, and that's what partners are billed. That also mean if you have a license and you cancel your server the 5th of the month, Hetzner would still pay for the full license, because it was active at the time cPanel did their billing.

    Hetzner sells the licenses rather cheap, so shouldn't really be much to complain about. They shouldn't lose money on licenses to satisfy a minority.

  • Mahfuz_SS_EHLMahfuz_SS_EHL Member, Provider

    @Adam1 said:
    are you sure it's not pro-rata?

    No, I activated on 25th. They billed for 01/07 to 25/07.

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  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    @Harambe said: cPanel charges for the full month.

    cPanel rata's to the 15th of the month.

    Still, it likely becomes a licensing headache for them to track if the license was charged for nor not.

    Also likely cuts down on abuse.


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