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Paid help - L2TP client with OpenVPN AS server
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Paid help - L2TP client with OpenVPN AS server

jhjh Member

I'm looking for some paid help setting up a Debian 10 VM with an L2TP client and OpenVPN AS. Everything is installed but I can't seem to get the configuration working how I need it to. We have an L2TP tunnel that only one client is allowed to connect to. The VM needs to connect to it and route all OpenVPN traffic over it. When a client connects to the OpenVPN server, their public IP address should be that of the L2TP server.

The configuration needs to be able to survive a disconnection or a reboot without someone having to go in and change anything.

I should be able to connect to the VM via SSH only using the non-L2TP IP.

PM me a price if you can do it :)

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