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Are you using HAProxy? - Tell me more
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Are you using HAProxy? - Tell me more


What is the usecase for HAProxy in typically hosting market? Loadbalancing? CDN?
I was looking at Litespeed ADC which have loadbalancing and caching of static files. since i use litespeed enterprise webservers all the way, it was naturally to use WEB ADC, but then i read about HAProxy.

Please share any kind of experience you have as a provider.


  • momkinmomkin Member

    Allah bless Nginx :smile:

  • hohlhohl Member

    Can’t talk from the view of a provider, just as a software developer which also hosts some of the stuff of my clients: used it as a load balancer for a rather heavy-weight and slow Scala application which had to be spread over multiple servers once. It‘s quite a reliable piece of software and very easy to setup. I‘m pretty certain you could use it setup your own CDN easily as well.

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  • To complicated. Offload everything on AWS and sleep well.

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  • MalinMalin Member

    Reverse proxy mostly. IP´s are too expensive nowadays.

  • I do have plenty of IPs, but missing a loadbalancer and some CDN in my setup. I don't want to offload to AWS or any other cloud provider due to performance. Would like to have it in my own control

  • jhjh Member
    edited July 2020

    @LTniger said: Offload everything on AWS and sleep well.

    One of the major (and poorly documented) problems with AWS load balancing is they provision enough capacity for you to have something like twice as many connections as you had in the previous 5 minutes (can't remember the exact ratio) so if you know your traffic is really volatile, you can't rely on it. Supposedly you can email them asking them to "pre-warm" the load balancer for a certain amount of traffic but in my experience they take more than 24 hours to respond and often get it wrong.

    It was actually for this reason that we used haproxy and later nginx in a separate EC2 VM to load balance a busy e-commerce store we used to manage. I can't remember the reasoning behind switching from haproxy to nginx but they both performed really well in our environment. haproxy's config is super simple and there's also a decent GUI to keep tabs on servers and connections, and that GUI is easy to scrape if you need to do some automation.

    We looked at Litespeed ADC at the time. I find it hard to diagnose certain problems with Litespeed and having a hard to diagnose problem with the load balancer during a busy period would have been a nightmare. Maybe your experience is different.

    Quite a few software-based paid load balancers are haproxy under the hood, e.g.

    Finally, we don't host any really high traffic sites right now but we have a few that wanted load balancing with HTTPS termination and extra security features so we got a FortiADC unit. It has been stable and easy to manage once you wrap your head around their UI design choices but the renewal licensing is an absolute killer so I would stay away from that.

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  • umiumi Member

    Used haproxy to load balancing proxy requests. L4 only to meet low cpu usage goal.

  • tetechtetech Member

    We use it for SSL offloading, bot/scraper filtering, rate limiting, failover handling of backend PHP engines, failover handling for DB cluster nodes, put it in front of IMAP servers to shield their IP address, and more.

  • jarjar Provider

    For a while I used it to evenly distribute outbound email over a few hundred IPs. Quite a capable little app.

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    Founder @ MXroute. This post reminds @alexvolk of the time someone sent me red bull.

  • @LTniger said: To complicated. Offload everything on AWS and sleep well

    Thats what is killing the "quality" of code, post deployment optimization and system adminstration skills for people. AWS is NOT a solution to everything and it should not be either. Code and Apps that run on specific "provider platform only" (Azure/AWS/Netlify/etc.) is a big risk to a business whatsoever.

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  • Hi, everyone, this is Lauren from LiteSpeed.
    LiteSpeed ADC is not just a proxy, it also provides caching and mod_security protection. It has latest HTTP/3 support and under active development. If you are using a LSCache plugin in a clustered environment, you will need to use Web ADC as the caching layer, otherwise your cached data may be out of sync.
    We have slack channel #webadc where you can ask questions and talk to our developers. We do need to improve our documentation with more examples. If you are a professional tech writer with the domain knowledge and like to help, you can contact me in our slack.

  • BharatBBharatB Member, Provider

    @LTniger said:
    To complicated. Offload everything on AWS and sleep well.

    Guess you forgot about the big S3 outage?

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  • @BharatB said:

    @LTniger said:
    To complicated. Offload everything on AWS and sleep well.

    Guess you forgot about the big S3 outage?

    Acceptable, given overall uptime and reliability.

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