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Looking for Dedicated server / Email Solutions (Reseller) And Email Relay
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Looking for Dedicated server / Email Solutions (Reseller) And Email Relay

redvi4redvi4 Member

Hello Friends
my company its Looking for:
1 Dedicated server
2 cpu 3.5ghz / 16 Ram
2 HDD (1TB or 2TB) for Raid
3 ips IPV4, or 5 Ips
Bandwith 10mbps, 100mbps OR 100TB per month but with high speed.
Network Backup or some backup solution.
IPMI or other easy remote management for server.
Prefered Locations: Las Vegas (We have clients on NV), Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Miami (We have a lot of clients on South).
2 servers was hosted on Godaddy, but their Dedicadted server are being managed by Virtuozoo(container), and we can not install Cloudlinux, Imunify360, and we need to use Cloudlinux / WHM.
If ther is DDOS attack mitigation service, or other security service onn the network will be Ok for me.

Note: Can be 1 on Las vegas, Los angeles, Phoenix, Dallas and other on Miami or other locations with good latency to South america, (Lima Perú) for our South America Clients.

Other question
For some clients we setup Gsuite / Office 365, but we are looking for alternatives like Mxroute, we want to setup client domains and configure their mailbox or setup admin for that domain, and wheb we grow, upgrade the same account to more Mail space( 200GBS, 400GBS, etc). Cos in some point we want to use thid party provider for email solutions for our clients .
or setup email solutions on dedicated server.

And for our current dedicated server, i want to know what provider to use for Email relay (advatages, protection against spam, etc).


note: Internet conection on my country its bad, really bad (Movistar)


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