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Good experiences with previous VPS services
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Good experiences with previous VPS services

scookescooke Member

Every now and then I come across some company with a good review, but then I forget the name and can't find the post. So I thought I'd share the names of companies with whom I had a good experience. Maybe someone else will see the name and go, "oh yeah, THAT's the name I was trying to recall". (I'm not including companies who, despite my own good experience, subsequently went out of business or turned out to be scammers).

Wishosting - this is what prompted this post because it was brought up in a recent post about video transcoding. I used it to install and get familiar with Univention.

Hosthatch - I used this for a Cloudron installation, and another VPS to try out mailinabox. Both times everything went well, and the IPs were clean.

Welcomehosting - Just a basic VPS for a LAMP stack that just worked well.

Letbox - I had fun with this one trying out their whole Block Storage thing, instructions were clear and it was doable.

INIZ - I used a VPS with this company for a long time, and used LAMP, and experimented with Serverpilot, then GoPanel, the LAMP again, then Yunohost, and finally just a plain old booktype installation. In the end I wanted to move towards solutions like Cloudron and so I had to leave them (not KVM).

vpsgod - I bought my first KVM from this company. I had to do alot of command line stuff to get network connectivity, but the support was super helpful. First tried Cloudron on this VPS. - Ah, where most of it all started for me. Trying out different control panels like VestCP, Ajenti-V, ISPConfig, discovering Ghost and node/npm, learning about certbot, nginx as a reverse proxy for apache, and using SSH key-based logins. I was on the DO tutorials all the time!

There've been several others that, like I said, went out of business or ended up scamming customers, or in other ways just didn't work out well for me. I'm sure not everyone has had perfect experiences with the above list, but for me, they worked well for the time I had them and what I was trying to accomplish.


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