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Join 4IXP the preferred Internet Exchange in Switzerland for just $5.11 per Month
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Join 4IXP the preferred Internet Exchange in Switzerland for just $5.11 per Month

securebitsecurebit Member, Provider

Hello LowEndTalk Users

You are looking for additional peering partners, free ip-transit or to start with bgp?

Then we have exactly the right offer for you. With the following virtual server, you can connect with more than 275 peering partners. For only $5.11 per month (annually payment).

VPS 4IXP (1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 10 GB HDD) CHF 5.00/mo ($5.11/mo) - Order now
1 Core @ 2.27GHz
10 GB SAS Storage
1 Gbps (Shared)
1 IPv4 Address
1 IPv6 Address
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Free IP-Transit (IPv4 and IPv6 Full Table) with automatic Filter
1st NIC for Internet Access and IP-Transit
2nd NIC connected to the 4B42 Internet Exchange Point Peering LAN

If you do not have an ASN yet, get your own AS number today and you will get a free IPv6 /48 subnet in addition:

ASN (32bit) RIPE Region - only CHF 75.00/ ($79.92/one-off) - Order now
Free IPv6 Subnet /48
32bit ASN
RIPE Region
Webinterface (Cloud Manager)

If you need addtional IPv6 Prefixes View Details:

IPv6 Subnet /44 - CHF 15.00/anually ($15.77/anually) - Order now
- Geolocation for Assigment
- Geolocation for superordinate subnet (AU, DE, EU, LI, VA)
- Assignet to your RIPE ORG Object
- You can create Sub-Allocations, Routes and Domains (PTR)
- Webinterface (Securebit Cloud Manager)

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4b42 Internet Exchange Point (4IXP) is with 276 Members the preferred Internet Exchange in Switzerland and a preferred worldwide free Internet Exchange:

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You can find more Informations about Internet Resouces (ASN and IP-Prefixes) here:
And about our Tunnel-Offers here:

Find out more about Securebit AG and our offers:

Thanked by 1HyperK9

Securebit AG is an ISP in Switzerland provide VPS and Colocation with Internet Exchange connection to 4IXP, SBIX, DE-CIX, etc.. ( We also provide a free Service with BGP Dual Stack.

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