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Anyone interested in an Infra-2-LE transfer?
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Anyone interested in an Infra-2-LE transfer?

DrFallenDrFallen Member, Provider

Hey guys bought this server for a short term project and now I no longer need it. Is anyone here interested?

Standard specs as on OVH just has 128gb ram / 5 IPs attached.

Based in Beauharnois, Canada - Renewal seems to be $165. Paid until 26th of this month.


  • HotmarerHotmarer Member

    HDD or NVMe?

  • DrFallenDrFallen Member, Provider


  • DrFallenDrFallen Member, Provider

    5 Days left :

    Full Specs are

    Ryzen 7 3700 Pro 8c/16t - 3.6Ghz/4.4Ghz
    128GB DDR4 2666Mhz ECC
    2x960GB NVME
    10Gbps Down/1Gbps Up (2Gbps Burst) Public network
    2Gbps Private network

  • DrFallenDrFallen Member, Provider

    Final call. Will be left to expire otherwise.

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