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Scammer Alert - DignusData
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Scammer Alert - DignusData

HakimHakim Member

Stay away from dignusdata. I just lost 19.99$.

The scam summary: First ordered a VPS & paid 3.51$. Received the VPS as advertised & everything was smooth. I order another VPS 2 days later which suppose to have Xeon Gold 61xx series CPU & 16GB RAM for 16.48$. Received the VPS but the CPU was Xeon E-2234 & RAM was 15GB(15000MB not 16000MB). I ask them to move the server to a Xeon Gold or Epyc node. (My first server was on an Epyc powred node.) They told me that the Xeon is out of stock but still they listed in their website 10+ Xeon Gold server available!

As I didn't receive what I ordered & I wasn't happy with the performance, I request them to cancel the server & refund the money. They cancel the server. Not just that server, the first one too! There was no issue with the first one. As their support was terrible, I don't want to use any of their services anymore.

I open a ticket & request them to refund both invoices. They just updated the invoice as "Refunded" & added a fake transaction in the invoice which has no transaction ID. I pay them using Webmoney. No refund received in the Webmoney account. They are continuously telling me they had refunded the money & if there's an issue to get the refund in my Webmoney account, it's their gateway problem. They can't do anything about it! The last time I ask them to give proof of the refunds, they simply ignore me.

All the communication between me & digunsdata staffs screenshot can be found at
How unprofessional they are can be found in their telegram chat group.


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