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Scaleway price increase up to 50%
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Scaleway price increase up to 50%

FoxelVoxFoxelVox Member
edited July 2 in Providers

Email received:

Dear customer,
Scaleway has worked hard from the beginning to provide you with the most reliable and production-ready solutions on the market by constantly investing in new technologies, state-of-the-art hardware and attracting the best talent. We’ve accelerated our activity in these key areas recently in our continuous effort to evolve from the leading ARM bare metal pioneer to one of the most complete public cloud platforms in the world.

Today, we offer almost 30 public cloud services, including several free products like our Kubernetes Kapsule orchestrator and our S3-compatible Object Storage. We have also expanded our support teams and developer tools, while maintaining our focus on improving our datacenters' energy efficiency.

Our recent customer survey has shown that more and more of you are using Scaleway to deploy your production infrastructure, with a native multi-cloud approach. This increased demand for our technologies requires premium performance, higher service levels and new tools to manage your infrastructure.

In order to continue to invest in these improvements and deliver the best customer experience possible, we will be increasing our Instances pricing from August 1st, 2020. This increase will be accompanied by greater performance stability and allows us to introduce differentiated pricing based on your usage. Despite this increase, our prices will remain on average 60 % lower than the main cloud offers on the market.

Our investment in innovation will soon be obvious and we can't wait to show you what's next. In the coming weeks, you'll be able to go even further with many highly anticipated and increasingly expert technologies that will join our ecosystem: Private Networks, MySQL managed databases, project management features and more! Our goal remains to deliver the best tools possible, at the best cost, with an increasingly complete, alternative, European and open cloud ecosystem.

Here are the details of the pricing evolutions as of August 1st, 2020:
Development Instances

DEV1-S: €0.01/hour or €4.99/month
DEV1-M: €0.02/hour or €9.99/month
DEV1-L: €0.04/hour or €19.99/month
DEV1-XL: €0.06/hour or €29.99/month
General Purpose Instances
GP1-XS: €0.084/hour or €41.99/month
GP1-S: €0.17/hour or €84.99/month
GP1-M: €0.34/hour or €169.99/month
GP1-L: €0.66/hour or €329.99/month
GP1-XL: €1.40/hour or €699.99/month
Thank you for your trust and loyalty,
Alexandre Morel
Chief Revenue Officer


To be very honest, their development instances are in one blow less interesting on the pricing point. Also, it seems kinda weird that they said ‘because a lot of customers are using their services in production so more costs come out of it’ but continue to call their VPS product line DEV instances (development) and not production?

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  • defaultdefault Member

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    Fastmako (aff) - great VPS for your needs.

  • uni9uni9 Member

    How about no!

    How dare you :*

  • rm_rm_ Member

    Chief Revenue Officer


  • What a shocker. No one expected such thing from scamaway just after another promotion! I can't believe it.


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  • rm_rm_ Member

    just after another promotion

    This may or may not suck, but come on, at least don't try to misrepresent things. Was there a promotion on these particular cloud instances? What they do with dedis is unrelated, as it's not those that have the price increase.

  • Are existing services grandfathered?

  • NyrNyr Member

    Typical behavior from, you can't rely on then for production stuff.

    Price increases are kind of uncommon in this industry, but I have no problem with reasonable ones. But doubling the price of a product in the middle of the summer with less than 1 month notice is not reasonable.

  • reb0rnreb0rn Member

    I used their atom VPS in past and was happy with stability, but their dev instance was performance very unstable... at least then
    Also as the CPU $/core is going down a lot and will drop even more next year, I don`t see why would any VPS charge more, i would expect they charge less!

  • DrFallenDrFallen Member, Provider

    Have they figured out ipv6 yet?

  • serv_eeserv_ee Member

    They plan to move to ipv4+

    I swear to drunk Im not god

  • daozhidaozhi Member


  • CConnerCConner Member, Provider

    Question is, who even uses

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    GameDash, an AIO solution uniting billing, support & game server management platform.
    Visit our website or join our Discord to find out more.

  • CoffeeCoffee Member

    @CConner said: who even uses

    I'm enjoying their €1.99 dedibox while it lasts 😟

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  • elliotcelliotc Member

    I am happy with them until they end their arm line and I find hetzner cloud

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    Coffee, please.

  • ernie88ernie88 Member

    Their 75GB free tier for S3 compatible object storage is great for backups.

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  • alot of mimimi in here!

  • vimalwarevimalware Member

    My fingers were trembling when I clicked. Thought they were coming for my 20 EUR E3. 😅

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    250GB USA RAID6 StorageKVM from €13/yr (no-torrenting, TopProvider)
    (affiliate for 🥰 )

  • LTnigerLTniger Member

    And the question is: why should choose their services against, for example Digitalocean or Vultr. The price was a very serious advantage which they lost... Good look for them.

  • DrCornFlakesDrCornFlakes Member
    edited July 3

    @vimalware said:
    My fingers were trembling when I clicked. Thought they were coming for my 20 EUR E3. 😅

    Me too.

    But I'm already convinced that someday, it's going to happen, winter is coming.
    I'll receive that email stating that because they are so successful, because the sun is shining, they HAVE to increase prices, like, 50%.

    Doesn't anybody inside Scaleway management understand the concept of long term trust?
    I understand you're trying to make money but, 50% increase AGAIN? You have zero plausible reasons to increase a price in that range, unless you're a cash strapped business.

    This already happened two or three times. Who's in this industry going to even consider Scaleway again after these stunts?
    This is a price oriented market, when you have two major competitors (OVH and Hetzner) that are price stable, who's going to risk anything on Scaleway and its traditional one month notice 50% price increases?
    I'm even considering leaving my two servers and move to a more expensive but trustworthy and stable provider.
    OVH slightly increased their VPS's prices, by creating a "new" product line, but left out a legacy plan for those that are price conscious. Do it like that.

    Unless you're expecting to sell big time to newbies (that weren't aware of these episodes), you're digging your own grave. And that, to my knowledge, isn't going to make you profitable.


  • NeoonNeoon Member

    Basically, says deadpool.
    The reasoning is, they increased the prices a shiton of times + they lost a shiton of money with a few things.

  • 0xbkt0xbkt Member
    edited July 3

    I wonder if there is a real demand for their managed Kubernetes, database, serverless and image registry services? I can't stop feeling like they are just VC'ing these products. Why the hell would I choose you over GCP or AWS for these managed services?

    Their support is awesome though, at least for my part. Getting answers to my tickets in minutes, sometimes under 2. I have a DEV-1S VM (for remote development on VS Code) with them but I'm now biased about switching to another provider and possibly upgrading my VM because of the increasing prices.

  • hzrhzr Member, Moderator

    @0xbkt said: Why the hell would I choose you over GCP or AWS for these managed services?

    Because not american company. CLOUD ACT in US is really dangerous if you are a European company looking for hosting.

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  • LTnigerLTniger Member

    @Neoon said: Basically, says deadpool.

    Not exactly. That russian dude just manipulates facts in his own point of view. is the same as OVH - they receive government support for expansion. Eventually they must pay back. And this price increase is logical when you need make a dime or two in profits.

    Thanked by 1vimalware
  • AK_KWHAK_KWH Member, Provider

    @CConner said:
    Question is, who even uses

    Only big fishes

    KhanWebHost Cheap Shared Hosting | Cheap KVM VPS (DE,UK,US,FR) | KVM Sale - LET Offers

  • debaserdebaser Member

    @Neoon said: Basically, says deadpool.

    That's a bit farfetched if you ask me. I'm not very fond of Scaleway/Online but saying they'll deadpool soon is just rabble-rousing.

    Scaleway is part of Iliad, one of the 4 largest telecommunication companies in France. They're also active on the Irish market (owning the incumbent telecom provider Eir) and on the Italian market.

    They won't let one of their subsidiaries simply deadpool. If anything they'll just divest and sell it.

    As for the price increase: it's free market economics. Scaleway must've made an analysis and concluded that they could raise their prices, lose some customers in the process, but get more revenue anyway.

  • NeoonNeoon Member

    @debaser said:

    @Neoon said: Basically, says deadpool.

    That's a bit farfetched if you ask me. I'm not very fond of Scaleway/Online but saying they'll deadpool soon is just rabble-rousing.

    Well, that's what he said.
    I know that is not small, but that does not exclude they cannot fuck that much.

  • reb0rnreb0rn Member

    I guess only poor resellers are for price increase as now they can offer their bag of $^%& for more too :#

  • TejyTejy Member

    They main "pro" is that they offer unmetered bandwidth. That's why I recommend them if needed. Also, Hetzner Cloud will be the job if you need a cloud instance at low price...

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  • jgillichjgillich Member

    I just started using them for the managed Kubernetes service and now they're doing this to me. They are (were) cheapest way to get a Kubernetes cluster going. And I like that they're European.

  • Thats a joke, hardware gets cheaper and cheaper, they increase prices by 50%. Go (&*( yourself scaleway.

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