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E5-2650v2 vs D-1541 for Shared Hosting or VPS Node
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E5-2650v2 vs D-1541 for Shared Hosting or VPS Node

laobanlaoban Member

I would like to know your opinions... Thank you...

E5-2650v2 vs D-1541 for Shared Hosting or VPS Node
  1. Which one do you choose for shared hosting or VPS node?36 votes
    1. 1 x E5-2650v2 (8c/16t @2.6Ghz) + 64GB DDR3 (older generation)
    2. 1 x D-1541 (8c/16t @2.1Ghz) + 64GB DDR4 (newer generation)


  • ViridWebViridWeb Member, Provider

    Possible for a 3rd option "none of the above"?

    Anyway, between them I will go with E5-2650v2

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  • NeoonNeoon Member

    Q. E. D RYZEN.

    Thanked by 1laoban
  • AC_FanAC_Fan Member

    Ryzen is where it is, right now.

    Thanked by 1laoban
  • TejyTejy Member

    @laoban said:
    I would like to know your opinions... Thank you...

    Which providers? What about bandwidth and locations?

    Thanked by 1laoban
  • HarambeHarambe Member

    I have a couple of Dual 2650v2 servers and they're still great. Ram is cheap for them though, so might as well bump that to 128/256/384 and do high ram configs (at least for VMs, 64G is probably fine for shared).

    Thanked by 1laoban

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  • 2.6Ghz anytime faster than 2.1Ghz especially if your clients will be using Wordpress and tons of plugins!

    Thanked by 1laoban
  • hohlhohl Member
    edited June 26

    Why not a similar newer E5 processor? The 2650s are good models when prices matters, but just take the slightly overhauled v4 (or at least v3), not the v2, and get some DDR4 RAM? It isn‘t all about clock rate, memory bandwidth and architectural changes can make quite some performance difference too.

    (I really like the E5-2650L v4 for hosting, but I guess a lot of LET users might disagree with me on that point, especially for the L part.)

    Thanked by 2laoban DarkCarnage
  • laobanlaoban Member

    Right now, I don't have any servers with both processors. I am just thinking to buy and place it in my own place.

    DDR4 on D-1541 does not have a performance advantage over DDR3 on E5-2650v2? Considering different mainboard generation as well.

  • HostSlickHostSlick Member, Provider

    Don't know the D-1541 but I got several customers, also hosting companies who use E5-2650v2 or even dual XEON e5 2650v2 for openvz7 and kvm virtualization and they perform well. Good performance

    Thanked by 1laoban
  • dfroedfroe Member, Provider

    Comparing those CPUs may result in quite similiar values. So maybe you won't notice a difference in neither single nor multi core performance.

    I would make the decision based on the other components like storage, maybe network or even provider (if it differs).

    Thanked by 1laoban

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