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Provider with GPU passthrough support
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Provider with GPU passthrough support

I need a VM with a real GPU. Does not need to be the latest one nor do I need it often. Something hourly billed would be ideal.
Either I need a bare metal host with GPU that I can pass through or a VPS with nested virtualization and GPU support. I need access to the VM image itself, so I can't just use a bare metal host or VPS with GPU directly.
Anyone has an idea where I can find this?


  • ServaRICA have, you could contact @servarica_hani

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  • perennateperennate Member, Provider
    edited June 26

    Compute Engine provides NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs for your instances in passthrough mode so that your virtual machine instances have direct control over the GPUs and their associated memory.


    This document describes how to enable support for nested virtualization on Compute Engine VM instances. It also covers the basic steps of starting and configuring a nested VM.

  • UnixfyUnixfy Member
    edited June 26

    The other big clouds (AWS, Azure) offer GPU instances as well but AWS doesn't allow nested virt. Smaller providers like Linode and Paperspace do have GPUs as well, and nested virt should be OK. You can also look at providers like Fluidstack, which enables you to essentially rent someone's computer at their house.

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  • popckornpopckorn Member

    Yeah I also found GCE an the likes. Question is if nested + GPU works together. I guess I need to try it ...

  • I have a dedicated server with Ikoula (an Agile S) which has a small GPU (GT710) that I pass through to a VM. I had to ask support to activate vt-d in the BIOS, but that was not an issue.

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