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FirstHEBERG Intel ATOM -50% promo code ATOM50
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FirstHEBERG Intel ATOM -50% promo code ATOM50

ofitofit Member
edited June 26 in General

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FirstHEBERG, Intel ATOM -50%, promo code "ATOM50" but only for any 12 or 24 month rental, while stocks last.


  • Anyone used this, have heard for first time

  • Can VAT be waived for non-EU customers?

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  • NanoG6NanoG6 Member

    Just ordered with 2x500gb hdd. Will yabs later. Anyone knows how to raid the hdd on this machine/dashboard?

  • NeoonNeoon Member

    Enjoy your disk with bad sectors and if you ask for a replacement, the disk you get will have more bad sectors, to ensure MaximumLoss™.

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  • Anyone tried their VPS?

  • RecDRecD Member

    @Merlincool said: Anyone used this

    I tried this, it's fine as long as i only paid 4.99€/month.
    Disk is sometimes not so good, but if there is any disk with bad sectors, they will replace another for free..

    @dedipromo said: Can VAT be waived for non-EU customers

    At first they asked my ID photo to "validate" my account, and the VAT was removed.
    After a year or so, the VAT added to my invoice, and they told me I still have to pay the VAT.

    @NanoG6 said: Anyone knows how to raid the hdd on this machine/dashboard

    Resinstall the OS, some OS types only support RAID-1, and some support both (RAID-0 and RAID-1).
    Attention: their reinstall function didn't work fine everytime.. I have no idea if they have fixed this.

    Thanked by 2dedipromo NanoG6

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  • LeonnLeonn Member
  • lurchlurch Member


  • titustitus Member
    edited June 27

    @kalimov622 said:
    Anyone tried their VPS?

    I have an old OVZ VPS from them (currently they are selling only KVM), and I'm satisfied with it: reliable with good uptime. I use it for personal VPN, IRC (znc), & running some small static website. I read some negative information previously in LET, but I'm happy with it for that price what I pay for it (It's cheaper than they currently KVM prices). After about a year of usage they asked me for an ID copy, (it was interesting), but that's all.

    @dedipromo said:
    Can VAT be waived for non-EU customers?

    EU customers (like me) must be pay VAT. :( If You are not from EU country, I think no (but i'm not sure in it 100%)

    I never tried their dedicated servers.

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  • webcraftwebcraft Member

    Anyone knows which exact CPU model we get?

  • Jake4Jake4 Member

    Wouldn't recommend dealing with this company, I had a few VPSes with them 4-5 years ago and when one got hit with a 'small ddos attack' they suspended all of my servers with them and did not refund.

  • TejyTejy Member

    I've a dedicated server and no worries, that's a good deal. Keep in mind that's an Atom based server, so you're not going to host any FiveM or Plesk server ^^

  • andrewnandrewn Member

    I also have a backup server with them for a few years now. No issue here, network is okay though if you ever need support you might have some difficult times.

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  • RecDRecD Member

    @webcraft said:
    Anyone knows which exact CPU model we get?

    Worst: D510
    Better: D525/D2550

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  • KaribuKaribu Member

    I didn't try their ATOM, but I've been using their i5 for more than 4 years.
    Network is good, admin interface is simple and complete enough.
    I'm happy with them.
    I've never had to deal with their customer care, so not sure on that part. (But at least I didn't needed to haha)

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