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HostUS - Fast AMD Ryzen KVM with NVMe! From $20/year!
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HostUS - Fast AMD Ryzen KVM with NVMe! From $20/year!

AlexanderMAlexanderM Top Provider

Hello friends, it has been a while!

Thank you for spending your time checking out our latest offer.

HostUS started offering VPS and shared hosting services way back in 2012 when our founder Alexander McNeil outgrew his own hosting plan. We a big enough to offer a diverse line of services globally, while still being a small business that offers personalized service and human familiarity that are absent in the sea of faceless hosting companies.

Today’s Offers

Today we are offering KVM VPS services on our brand new AMD Ryzen 9 3900X platforms with
speedy NVMe storage in RAID 1 for redundancy!

With KVM you are able to natively run a wide range of kernels. No more modules to load. No more hacking things together or those tutorials that just don’t work because of the quirkiness of OpenVZ. Everything in KVM works essentially like a bare metal server. You have full selection of the common Linux / BSD OSes, and Windows is available on 2GB+ RAM plans. Upon request we can load any ISO you want to install, and snapshots are available too.

Available in Los Angeles, CA (Looking Glass) and Dallas, TX (Looking Glass)

512MB RAM: Just $20/year!

1 CPU Core (Ryzen 3900X)
15GB NVMe Disk Space
1TB Bandwidth
KVM / Breeze Control Panel

1GB RAM: $3/month paid annually ($36/year) or $4/month

1 CPU Core (Ryzen 3900X)
25GB NVMe Disk Space
1TB Bandwidth
KVM / Breeze Control Panel

2GB RAM: $5/month paid annually ($60/year) or $7/month

1 CPU Core (Ryzen 3900X)
40GB NVMe Disk Space
2TB Bandwidth
KVM / Breeze Control Panel

3GB RAM: $7/month paid annually ($84/year)

2 CPU Cores (Ryzen 3900X)
70GB NVMe Disk Space
4TB Bandwidth
KVM / Breeze Control Panel

Need something else?

Our popular 768MB OpenVZ annual plan is available for just $16/year. This is a good way to get introduced to HostUS in these lean times without breaking the bank. This plan is available in 6 of our US and EU locations, based on Intel Xeon platforms. With OpenVZ 7 you get newer 3.xx kernel. Docker is natively supported in major Linux OSes. TUN/TAP and FUSE are supported.

768MB RAM OpenVZ: Just $16/year

1 CPU Core
20GB Disk Space
2TB Bandwidth
OpenVZ 7 / Breeze Control Panel

Breeze Control Panel

As a customer you can control all aspects of your VPS service with our custom Breeze Control Panel. Start, stop, reboot, enable TUN/TAP, reverse DNS, emergency console, OS rebuild, purchase addons, etc.

API access is under development, and we are hoping to make such available to savvy customers soon.

Fair Use

All offered services are subject to fair use. We want customers to use their services. We want everyone to have a good experience, and co-exist in a harmonious multi-tenant environment. To achieve this disruptive bad neighbors will be given opportunity to adapt their use to better integrate themselves.

Available Addons

HostUS partners with DirectAdmin, WHMCS and cPanel. We offer discounted licenses as part of our VPS hosting offerings.

DirectAdmin: $7/month
cPanel/WHM: From $15/month
WHMCS Starter: $9/month
WHMCS Plus: $12/month
CloudLinux License: From $11/month
KernelCare License: $2.85/month
Additional IPv4 address: $1.50/month
Additional IPv6 address: Free on request


We accept the following payment methods: Credit / Debit Card, PayPal, Cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH, ETH, etc.), Alipay.

Our Terms and Conditions can be found here:

If you have any questions, contact us or simply reply to this thread!

Best regards,


HostUS | OpenVZ & KVM VPS in 10 worldwide locations with our own Breeze Panel!
AS7489 | View our network | LIR Services - IPv4, IPv6, ASN | Latest Special Offers!


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