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GeoIP2 maxmind is there a free version ?
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GeoIP2 maxmind is there a free version ?

mehargagsmehargags Member

I have been trying to find if there is a way to use free version of Mamind's GeoIP2 Country Database. I would like to automate updates using libmaxminddb and enabling maxminddb_module for a WHM CentOS7 server. I created an account on Maxmind, generated license key but when I try to wget with it always says unauthorized.

If I read here it tells you to buy credits and then use them as per query.

I read many guides but all seem redundant now as Maxmind pulled their legacy databases.

My purpose is to have visitors from a China be served the site from Chinese domain (on Alibaba cloud) and rest of the world gets the English Site in UK. What would be the best approach ?



  • mrclownmrclown Member

    Maxmind has couple of modules available for you to integrate with existing system. I think their yearly isn't that expensive too.

    You can develop using maxmind db free editions or some other free database like (

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  • FranciscoFrancisco Top Provider

    if you're using wget make sure you wrap the URL in " " otherwise the & will be read by the shell.


    wget ""


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  • LESLES Member

    You can detect the browser language with a script and redirect or use IP address lists aggregated by country:

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  • arw55arw55 Member
    edited June 23

    You can enable Cloudflare IP Geolocation:

    It's available in free plan.

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  • dunno about the price difference but have some decent API

  • I'm using their GeoLite2 DB.

    wget ""

    It's always free.

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