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Plesk DNS Server question
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Plesk DNS Server question

SpecsblueSpecsblue Member

Hello everyone,
i run actually i Plesk and want to know how to setup correct Nameservers.

Example of use:

and i did A Records on
and also ns2, then i tried to create a new Hosting package with a brand new domain. I put this nameservers into the new domain, and the website is not opening. White blank page.

What is wrong ?



  • Have you registered the nameservers with your domain registrar?

  • Add glue records for your nameserver

  • SpecsblueSpecsblue Member
    edited June 20

    I used Cloudflare before, now i switched back to Namecheap and did a Glue record but it seems that it not works.

    ++ issue solved -thx>!!

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