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Anyone run proxmox on Hetzner AX41?
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Anyone run proxmox on Hetzner AX41?

As title says, anyone run proxmox without problems?
What version do you run?
Can someone please share what motherboard model hetzner use on AX41?
Thanks :smile:


  • hzrhzr Member, Moderator

    6.2 with subscription

    no problem

           description: Motherboard
           product: B450M-S01 (MS-7B90)
           vendor: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.
           physical id: 0

    rams are vendor: Samsung

    Thanked by 2Ouji dodheimsgard
  • mrclownmrclown Member

    No problem at all.

    signature for rent - ^_^

  • Mr_TomMr_Tom Member, Provider

    No issues at all with mine

    Base Board Information
            Manufacturer: ASRockRack
            Product Name: B450D4U-V1L
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