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[WTB] Dedicated server in EU (London preferred)
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[WTB] Dedicated server in EU (London preferred)

majesticmajestic Member
edited June 13 in Requests

Hi Guys,

I am interested in roughly the following dedicated server specs. I would prefer this to be in the UK (London is ideal) however other locations in the UK or in EU would be acceptable.

I am aware of Hetzner, Online.Net and OVH. This spec is roughly equivalent to AX51-NVME from Hetzner. I am trying to see if 1) can't better their offer 2) provide lower latency to UK.

Type: Dedicated Server

Number of Cores: 8 (passmark of 20,000 or higher)
Disk Space: 4x 1TB
Disk Type: NVME

Bandwidth: ~10TB
Port Speed: 1GB/s

DDoS Protection: No

Number of IPs: 8 (/29)
Justification of IP block: Proxmox virtualisation (can give full details of project to winner)

Location: EU (preferably UK, AMS, DE, FR) -- in this order (lowest to UK basically)

Budget: $120/month (£100) (budget isn't hard set, flexible within reason)

Billing period: Either Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly acceptable if decent enough discount.

Looking forward to seeing if someone can better the specs/cost as Hetzner costing is very hard to beat.

Kind Regards,


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