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Best OVH Dedicated for video streaming
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Best OVH Dedicated for video streaming

vaotamvaotam Member

I checked OVH have Advance, Infrastructure server... with 1Gbps, which plan they have best for video streaming guys, some reason so I only use OVH. Please help, thank you !


  • AC_FanAC_Fan Member

    Why only OVH? Video streaming isn't as simple as you're assuming it is.

  • WSCallumWSCallum Member, Provider

    Depends on your budget and needs... pretty much all OVH dedicated servers offer 1Gbps (theres a few that don’t, mainly in game/hosting ranges) and they offer upgradeable to up to 3Gbps on most servers as well.

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  • CConnerCConner Member, Provider
    edited June 13

    What region of the world are you targetting? Hetzner offers 1 Gbps unmetered on their cheapo auction servers which is probably thr cheapest its going to get.

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  • BloomVPSBloomVPS Member

    Agreed with Hetzner. What do you need specifically from OVH that somebody like Hetzner doesn’t provide ?

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  • Clouvider has some crazy 1gbps unmetered PROMO dedis priced just under $100, in AMS, LON and FRA right now.

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