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Is there any open source PHP PKI SSL tookit
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Is there any open source PHP PKI SSL tookit

hiwinhiwin Member
edited June 6 in Help

Hi all,

Am looking for a open source PHP pki library supporting full or part of following online fuction like

  • CSR generation/decryption;
  • Certificate convertion among PEM/pfx/pfx/cer etc;
  • SSL installation check;
  • OSCP check.
  • etc.

Better come with frontend/UI, easy for use immediately.

An offer also welcome if open source not available.


  • CConnerCConner Member, Provider

    You can also fairly easily create your own module with bindings for such functionality. It actually looks harder than it really is.

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  • ChocowebChocoweb Member

    library doesn't come with frontend/UI...

  • hiwinhiwin Member

    @Chocoweb said:
    library doesn't come with frontend/UI...

    Yes, library isn't an exact expression, toolkit or source might matches better.

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