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[Request] VPS with IPv6 only
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[Request] VPS with IPv6 only

vickybusvickybus Member
edited June 1 in Providers


I am looking for VPS with only IPv6 with following Spec,

2 Core,
2/4 GB Ram
1 IPv6
100 Mbps / 1 gbps
Hourly Billing is must
Preferred Windows OS trial! will do good, if not Ubuntu 20.04 will do.

Payment Type: Paypal
Purpose: Educational, so it must be hourly billing and also should be able to do unlimited OS re-installation by customer itself.

I tried with Vultr, but no use as VPS higher than $2.5/month comes along with IPv4. and they are not ready to provide one as well with IPv6 alone.

Please let me know, where i can get this or is it even possible to get it?

Thanks in advance.


  • ehhthingehhthing Member

    You can take an IPv4/v6 VPS and just disable V4.

  • vickybusvickybus Member
    edited June 1

    can you please tell me how to do that in Ubuntu 20.04? if so i can close this thread. it might solve my issue.> @ehhthing said:

    You can take an IPv4/v6 VPS and just disable V4.

  • vickybusvickybus Member

    sorry, i tried it, but it didn't work the way, i expected. So i am still looking for it.

  • HarambeHarambe Member

    Rip the v4 address & gateway out of netplan, assuming you already have v6 working, and you should be good. Most providers use DHCP so you can just switch the dhcp4: true to dhcp4: no

    Skim through this:

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  • XsltelXsltel Member, Provider
    edited June 1

    ip -4 route del default

    works on all linux flavors

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