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My 3 month review of Hostodo
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My 3 month review of Hostodo

t0ny0t0ny0 Member

Hello boys and girls.

So I have been using Hostodo for over 3 months now, and figured - let me post a review about it on LET, since I have been pretty satisfied with it, hopefully others will enjoy them as well. Plus I keep seeing people posting reviews, which usually help me out a lot in picking a good provider, so wanted to give back to the community.

Also, I am in no way, shape or form associated with them, just a happy customer.

I got me a KVM VPS in Las Vegas.

Here are the specs.



1024MB RAM
12GB NVMe Disk Space
4TB Bandwidth
1 CPU Core
KVM Virtualization
Las Vegas, NV

And for the ones interested in getting it (my advice - GET IT! lol), here is a (non-affiliated) link to this specific plan:

Now, the first thing that you all would ask for is a nice little bench.

Here is that baby:

 Region: USA v.1.5.0 2020-01-11 
 Usage : curl -LsO; bash -USA

 OS           : Debian GNU/Linux 9 (64 Bit)
 Virt/Kernel  : KVM / 4.9.0-6-amd64
 CPU Model    : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60GHz
 CPU Cores    : 1 @ 2599.998 MHz x86_64 16384 KB Cache
 CPU Flags    : AES-NI Enabled & VM-x/AMD-V Disabled
 Load Average : 0.12, 0.04, 0.01
 Total Space  : 12G (1.7G ~16% used)
 Total RAM    : 996 MB (33 MB + 287 MB Buff in use)
 Total SWAP   : 1023 MB (0 MB in use)
 Uptime       : 0 days 0:33
 ASN & ISP    : AS20150, anyNode
 Organization : Hostodo
 Location     : Las Vegas, United States / US
 Region       : Nevada

 ## Geekbench v4 CPU Benchmark:

  Single Core : 2751  (GOOD)
   Multi Core : 2637

 ## IO Test

 CPU Speed:
    bzip2     :  80.8 MB/s
   sha256     : 127 MB/s
   md5sum     : 372 MB/s

 RAM Speed:
   Avg. write : 2355.2 MB/s
   Avg. read  : 5768.5 MB/s

 Disk Speed:
   1st run    : 907 MB/s
   2nd run    : 1.0 GB/s
   3rd run    : 1.0 GB/s
   Average    : 985.0 MB/s

 ## USA Speedtest

 Location                       Upload           Download         Ping   
---------------------------------------------------------------------------                  322.99 Mbit/s    272.45 Mbit/s    45.599 ms
 USA, Nashville (Sprint)        134.65 Mbit/s    172.81 Mbit/s    54.592 ms
 USA, Chicago (Windstream)      292.18 Mbit/s    183.48 Mbit/s    55.209 ms
 USA, St. Louis (AT&T)          271.28 Mbit/s    244.86 Mbit/s    49.129 ms
 USA, Minneapolis (US Internet) 239.15 Mbit/s    283.46 Mbit/s    36.856 ms
 USA, Kansas City (UPNfiber)    203.49 Mbit/s    238.69 Mbit/s    30.324 ms
 USA, Oklahoma City (OneNet)    196.64 Mbit/s    347.32 Mbit/s    41.522 ms
 USA, Dallas (Windstream)       290.10 Mbit/s    313.11 Mbit/s    47.604 ms
 USA, San Antonio, TX (AT&T)    319.79 Mbit/s    318.67 Mbit/s    38.837 ms
 USA, Denver (Vistabeam)        251.48 Mbit/s    396.31 Mbit/s    30.646 ms
 USA, Albuquerque (Plateau Tel) 376.44 Mbit/s    376.97 Mbit/s    32.434 ms
 USA, Phoenix (Cox)             345.87 Mbit/s    229.10 Mbit/s    19.880 ms
 USA, Salt Lake City (UTOPIA)   712.19 Mbit/s    604.54 Mbit/s     8.821 ms
 USA, Helena, MT (The Fusion)   208.56 Mbit/s    298.85 Mbit/s    69.852 ms
 USA, Las Vegas (LV.Net)        778.67 Mbit/s    632.13 Mbit/s     8.468 ms
 USA, Seattle (Sprint)          311.04 Mbit/s    280.88 Mbit/s   ping error!
 USA, San Francisco (AT&T)      492.12 Mbit/s    329.84 Mbit/s    18.967 ms
 USA, Los Angeles (Spectrum)    698.43 Mbit/s    634.01 Mbit/s    10.790 ms

 Finished in : 8 min 17 sec
 Timestamp   : 2020-05-29 22:27:16 GMT

As you can see - not bad at all, with network speeds peaking pretty well.

I am usually fairly interested in the network, so here is an iperf3 that I ran.



iperf3 -6 -c -P 8

[SUM]   0.00-10.00  sec  1.10 GBytes   946 Mbits/sec  3808             sender
[SUM]   0.00-10.00  sec  1.08 GBytes   927 Mbits/sec                  receiver


iperf3 -4 -c -P 8

[SUM]   0.00-10.00  sec  1.11 GBytes   954 Mbits/sec  7633             sender
[SUM]   0.00-10.00  sec  1.09 GBytes   936 Mbits/sec                  receiver

Almost a full sustained gbps. Very neat.

I did have a question for support, and they were super quick to reply. And not just that, but @Hassan was a very nice guy to talk to, knows his shit (pardon my french), and is quick to answer any questions that I had.

Bottom Line
I love it, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable VPS in the US. Plus - the price is great too :P Looking forward to using it for many more years.

Thats my review of Hostodo. Definitely a 5 star service.

Since I have a service with almost all providers here - I will try to produce one review each week. Very happy that Hostodo is my first review here.
Be safe!

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