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CVPS stuck on OpenVZ 6 - Best Alternatives for OpenVZ 7 / Debian 10 support
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CVPS stuck on OpenVZ 6 - Best Alternatives for OpenVZ 7 / Debian 10 support

imacdimacd Member

A bunch of our VMs that started on Debian 7 at Chicago VPS, are now frozen on Debian 9 due to ancient kernel support; Two main issues now that we have been working around, but are now stuck at.

We have moved to Debian 10 everywhere except this cluster of OpenVZ servers which have run into two critical issues related to the ancient kernels

After a few months of back and forth, Ross there has confirmed in YLB-432760 no plans to upgrade; After a bit of research of our own into the issues, we would assume there is probably no longer any upstream support from Virtuozzo, since the current plaform reached EOL a while ago it would seem.


1) libc6 no longer warns about unsupported kernels, but now fails to upgrade
2) xattrs on cgroupfs, preventing databases like recent Postgres-12 from starting

So we are being forced to move all our OpenVZ away from ChicagoVPS which met our needs on price/performance up until now.

I know RamNode has OpenVZ 7, but looking for tips and experience from other providers that are staying uptodate with kernel security as we are looking to diversify a bit with this next migration.

We are looking for providers willing to take on the work of maintaining hypervisors against CVEs, and providing maintenance or migration paths to current hypervisors for OpenVZ containers.


  • WSCallumWSCallum Member, Provider

    RamNode is certainly a good choice. Would you not consider migrating to full virt instead ie KVM to save this sort of issue cropping up again in the future? Or do you specifically need OVZ?

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  • NyrNyr Member

    I wouldn't bet much on RamNode not deprecating OpenVZ completely mid term.

    Do you really want OpenVZ? The industry pushing heavily for full virtualization and there are almost no reliable VZ7 hosts, specially in the United States.

  • jbilohjbiloh Administrator

    There may be something @Nick can do here.

    Jon Biloh
  • NickNick Moderator, Provider

    Upgrades started a few weeks ago to certain locations, if you want to toss me a PM I will gladly assist you with getting on the new gear or letting you know a rough estimate of when your location is set to start.

  • CrabCrab Member
    edited May 23

    You should just go with KVM and forget about OVZ completely. It'll save a lot of headache and time in a long run. Today's pricing is so competitive, that there is no reason to stick with OVZ anymore. There are bunch of quality providers available with cost-effective KVM pricing, VirMach, RamNode, Letbox, NexusBytes just to name a few US based.

  • HassanHassan Member, Provider

    Ditch OpenVZ. We have NVMe based KVM plans that are competitively priced, available in Las Vegas and Miami. Check out our offer threads.

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