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How to whitelist IP from ovh anti-ddos ?
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How to whitelist IP from ovh anti-ddos ?

momkinmomkin Member

Hello ,
I have server with ovh acting as nginx proxy server to another server , when the website is under attack , it automatically blocks the outgoing connections to the destination server is there a way to white list IP from ovh anti ddos ?


  • MikeAMikeA Member, Provider

    Not possible, you'll need to open a ticket detailing the issue and provide tcpdumps with and without mitigation for them to potentially look into it. If it's just nginx/TCP it seems unusual it would drop legitimate connections for that.

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  • RoldanRoldan Member

    I got similar problem with OVH also, during attack Push Notifications are affected.

  • CybrCybr Member

    I've got a similar problem where OVH is blocking my proxied UDP packets coming from servers hosted at Hetzner when there is too much traffic even without any attacks. They tell me there is no way to whitelist an IP and I must to provide packet dumps.

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