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tunnel ssh
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tunnel ssh

qmessoqmesso Member

I need to create a tunnel ssh (preferably with autossh) and do forward ports to vps. The most important for me is resuming the connection during its loss. Do you know any scripts or tutorials, thank you for your help.


  • wlambrechtswlambrechts Member
    edited May 19

    autossh does reconnect no ?

  • how about running screen, and detach so no need to worries about connection loss?

  • Is autossh smart enough to resolve the IP address of "" (in your example) through DNS * each * time it needs to re-establish a connection to the remote SSH server? Or does autossh only address the IP once, on startup? I ask, because in my potential future use case the IP address of the remote SSH server can sometimes alter without warning, although the DNS A-record for its IP address should always be held up-to - date.

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