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Reasonable bandwidth usage on Scaleway on dev-1s?
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Reasonable bandwidth usage on Scaleway on dev-1s?

It's advertised as 200 mbit/s but I'm guessing they wouldn't be happy with you maxing that out for 2.99 euro a month. What is generally a good rule of thumb when considering acceptable/reasonable usage?


  • benj0xbenj0x Member

    If you stay under 5TB per month they won't care.
    Ran a download server for my Gameserver for about a year there

    is annoyed of VirMach's Black Friday Flash Sale Page.

  • NeoonNeoon Member
    edited May 19

    100 is considered as save heaven but you can go higher and wont be throttled, e.g 200Mbit.
    You will notice when they send you a email about your usage, some people are more lucky the others.

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