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IP listed in hotmail/outlook block list
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IP listed in hotmail/outlook block list

DrukpaDrukpa Member

Anyone got your IP blocked by hotmail? I got it unblocked recently, but it's blocked again, and all mails sent to hotmail accounts are getting bounced.

Have a proxmox mail gateway for outgoing filtering and I do aggressive filtering. Quarantining all mails that have a spam score > 1. Have hundreds of mails going out to other domains (gmail, etc.) but it is only this Hotmail that sucks, even though mails going out to their domain is in the single digits per day.

Have SPF, reverse DNS PTR, properly setup for domains and the outbound mail server.

I have a personal hotmail account and the amount of 100% spam it receives is astounding. Something is not working with their spam filtering, it's blocking legit mails and letting in spam.

My server does not directly spam, but it's the wordpress comments notification that contains the spam messages. The notification going to the site owner also contains the comment body, which are mostly spam.


  • xaocxaoc Member

    Why would anyone use wordpress comments?

    So Say We All

  • truwebtruweb Member
    edited May 18

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  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Provider

    Spam comments on your Wordpress can be fixed, various modules available.

    Very easy to unblock IPs from Microsoft services as all information is available and first you need to stop spam from your side.

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  • spareksparek Member

    If you're going to allow WordPress comments - I'm assuming you're referring to moderation messages - even if you have captcha or anti-bot measures in place... it's best to have these moderation messages sent to a local email address (i.e. an email address that collects mail on the same server as the web server... or at the very least a server that you have full control of) - and don't set up a forwarder such as to get around this issue, that won't accomplish anything.

    It's really need to understand what your mail is doing and how to put yourself in a better position to resolve the issue.

    From Microsoft's point of view... you're sending them spam. That's it, plain and simple. Now YOU may know what these messages are. And people within the web hosting industry may understand your plight, but it still doesn't mean that it's a problem that Microsoft has to solve.

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