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buying french .fr as non-eu citizen.
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buying french .fr as non-eu citizen.

charchar Member

If I buy a french domain, personal website not for spec, as a non-eu citizen and give bogus birth year and country info will it catch up with me?


  • charchar Member

    admin please move this to Domains category

  • Your domain might end up getting suspended and revoked. It’s illegal to provide false information when registering a domain

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  • james50ajames50a Member
    edited May 2020

    @RHCHosting said:
    Your domain might end up getting suspended and revoked. It’s illegal to provide false information when registering a domain

    its illegal for fake whois info. can have different registration email/info though with registrar and while thats unethical I dont think there are any real consequences for it. (not a lawyer, not legal advice)

  • You can use Trustee Service from netim / francedns.
    They charge around 25euro for .fr domain

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  • titustitus Member
    edited May 2020

    Try to find a registrar who provide a 'local presence' service with domain registration. It usually mean, the domain owner will be Your registrar instead of You (but You will be an admin or other contact in the whois record, if the provider is 'correct'). For this reason You should use only ICANN accredited registrar. EuroDNS provide this service for a lot of domain extension (I'm not sure about .fr tld - but You can ask it from their support).

    A noname, untrusted registrar maybe "takeover" (nice word instead of 'steal') your domain in the future. But a ICANN accredited registrar is probably will be trustable

  • NeoonNeoon Member

    No one is going to sue or such.

    The only thing that's likely going to happen is if someone reports your domain to the registry and they figure out what you did, you gonna loose it.

    So get a trustee service.

  • dominamedominame Member
    edited May 2020

    Birth year and birth country are irrelevant. You need a current address in France, either personal or business. So if you visit France often enough and have reason enough to suggest you may have mail sent there from time to time, you should be able to use that address, e.g. a friend's or publisher's, post restante.

    N.B. This is a suggestion for you to look into. It is not legal advice. I am not qualified to give legal advice either here, wherever you are, or in France.

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  • charchar Member

    Thanks for the input, guys. I do most my biz with namecheap, they used to have an agent type service.

    @DianTama I'll check out netim / francedns

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