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GRE Tunnel - For DDoS Protection
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GRE Tunnel - For DDoS Protection

Niko4GNiko4G Member

I need some kind of help. I need to do GRE Tunnel for my Windows Server to protect my Game Server.

I tried to follow many tutorials but they are outdated and don't work anymore.

So I will explain here what I need to do: (Example)

Windows Server IP: 111.111.111 OVH VPS IP: 222.222.222

So I need my Windows Server to send this information to VPS:

  • 111.111.111:2302
  • 111.111.111:2402
  • 111.111.111:2312
  • 111.111.111:27016

(This done on Windows Firewall right?)

After I need my OVH VPS to send the same information to my Windows Server:

  • 222.222.222:2302 UDP-TCP
  • 222.222.222:2312 UDP-TCP
  • 222.222.222:2402 UDP-TCP
  • 222.222.222:2716 UDP-TCP

This is for a Game Server

I really need help on which commands I need to run because I'm super lost.

What I tried to follow but didn't work:

I'm sorry if this is not the correct place.


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