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razimanraziman Member
in Help

Hi guys im already buy VPS for setup VPN using to unblock netflix streaming us region

How to setup my vps server for apple TV dns? Anyone can help?


  • defaultdefault Member
    edited May 8

    Setup some cheap router to automatically connect to VPS, and share all devices in house (needing VPN) through that router's wifi. If you need custom firmware for your router, use OpenWRT, but first make sure that router supports a custom firmware.

    Another cheap option: use an Raspberry PI Zero W to connect at VPN, and share VPN connection with needed devices (like TV). You can power the PI Zero through the USB of TV (if TV has one).

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    Fastmako (aff) - great VPS for your needs.

  • WSSWSS Member

    Get a WNDR-3700v2 or better. They're cheap as hell and OpenWRT supports them better than your mother after a divorce.

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