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Work needed
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Work needed

davenzdavenz Member
in Help

Hi All,

I wondered if there are any web hosting companies out there that need a helping hand remotely outside of the US. As probably some of you have experienced, Covid-19 has been a royal pain in the behind. I was working for as a senior system engineer for an Airline and now flights are not happening they had to cut. Wondered if there is any odd jobs anyone may have out there. DM me cheers!


  • AlienData_JoshAlienData_Josh Member, Provider

    Well depends on what do you know.

    Alien Data: VPS and Colo Based In Texas, Unmetered Bandwidth.
    RPIServers: Dedicated Micro Servers. Unmeterd Bandwidth

  • davenzdavenz Member

    Sales, Disaster Recovery, VPS, Server configuration, networking, VMware, AWS, Wordpress development, list kinda goes on. Also good at marketing, design, video production... so yeah. DM me and I'll see if I can help

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