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OVH Maximum Traffic on VPS?
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OVH Maximum Traffic on VPS?

Hi, looking to set up a Tor relay in the UK and OVH was one of the providers who ticked the boxes (plenty of bandwidth, and good price), but I'm just not sure what their maximum traffic allowance is, I've heard that they throttle you to 1 mbip/s after you reach a certain amount?


  • AC_FanAC_Fan Member

    The new NVMe based line? It's limited only by bandwidth speed, in EU and NA at least.

  • Oh right. So the 250mbps/s , would that mean my max traffic could be 125mbps, because I have that traffic coming into the relay, and the same amount going back out , or is it 250mpbs in both directions?

  • AC_FanAC_Fan Member

    Nowadays bandwidth is always duplex (that is, full up and down, simultaneously) unless otherwise specified.

  • HyperK9HyperK9 Member

    I am pretty sure with their new VPS range it has bandwidth of 2Gbps

  • AC_FanAC_Fan Member

    @HyperK9 said:
    I am pretty sure with their new VPS range it has bandwidth of 2Gbps

    The base VPS has 250Mbps, doubling till the highest end at 2Gbps.

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  • rm_rm_ Member
    edited May 2020

    If you ask people at the Tor project, they will most likely tell you Tor doesn't need one more relay at OVH. Already a huge chunk of the network is concentrated in the top-3 of networks: OVH, and Hetzner, with OVH being #1. Such concentration is not good for security and anonymity. It might be fine to run a relay on the side if you need a VPS for something anyway, but if you plan to pay for this VPS solely to run a Tor relay, that's not really a good idea at this point.

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