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Looking for a dedicated KVM Windows package
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Looking for a dedicated KVM Windows package


I need a KVM server running windows. It doesn't have to be windows 10 but it must be running windows. I've seen some machines out there that are old dual xeons with 6c/12t so something similar would be great!

VZ Type: KVM
Number of Cores: 6 cores
RAM: 24gb
Disk Space: 350gb
Disk Type: preferably SSD

Bandwidth: No preference
Port Speed: No preference, but the faster the better of course.

DDoS Protection: No

Number of IPs: 1

Location: I'm not too bothered about the location as long as the KVM is accessible. If it takes 2 hours to load up then that's not very useful. Ideally, it would be in Europe.

Budget: I've seen similar machines for $50 but they are out of stock so whatever is close I guess

Billing period: Will be monthly.

Ideally, PayPal as a payment method.



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