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wholesaleinternet and out od band KVM tools not working
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wholesaleinternet and out od band KVM tools not working


One of my VPS wholesaleinternet (datashack) is offline and cannot be powered on. Out of band KVM tools not working either - and ticket chimps agreed not working for them for this instance and referred to their devs and currently my Total Loss VPS is ongoing with no ETA.

Anyone out there had similar experience.

(I've had over 18mths of nice uneventful service all good prior to this recently)

data loss is is not critical though a pain in this as5 to set stuff up again etc. Rather just get a straight answer from them, tried some humour but getting stone walled, hmph


  • deankdeank Member, Troll
    edited February 2020

    Welcome to LET dark magic support desk.

    Unfortunately, due to internal changes by our boss, we are no longer able to offer dark magic to bring your dead servers/nodes/instances online quickly.

    Please bite a blue pill and get laid. It should come back by then.

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  • MikeAMikeA Member, Provider

    If VNC/KVM doesn't work then unless they have a built in rescue system or a way to boot into your own rescue ISO I'm not sure how you can do anything.

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  • yeah this underlines my initial position (burn it and reimage). However without knowing what the issue is or likely to be if at all fixable ....

  • no prbs, so not a wider problem, just affecting this one VPS then. Cheers LET 'mmunity

  • JordJord Moderator, Provider

    We aim to please....

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  • Since when WSI still has vps? They discontinued that years ago.

  • well, all is well after 9 days+ of TLoS, ticket guys updated; devs fixed issue (still no idea provided as to what it was).
    @Jona4s - this VPS must be on their legacy stuff then.

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