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JordJord Moderator, Provider
edited February 2020 in General

Hey all,

I've been speaking with @jbiloh and he has agreed some changes need to happen with regards to how LEB is displayed on LET.

We've spoken at length and I voiced my concerns and opinions about how LEB and LET are closely tied, we both agreed that removing LEBFEED was a good idea as this was forced upon us. The posts being posted onto LET were closed without our community being able to comment on the offers. Offers were also not living up to the standards and rules on LET.

The dev who added this integration will be back from holiday on Monday, Jon is hoping to have this removed by Tuesday/Wednesday at the latest.

Another thing that will be removed is the newsletter box and the footer cleaned up along with any other suggestions being brought up in the various threads.

Jon has also agreed to unstick the LEB threads and keep them to a min.

So I hope these changes are for the good, I hope we can put things behind us and look forward to making LET better again.

Because this panda needs some rest, I'm fed up with the drama of the LEB/LET.


PS the PANDA has spoken.

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