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    HostSlick Reviews?
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    HostSlick Reviews?

    sgno1sgno1 Member

    Taking out a deal with them very soon (possibly). Haven't seen any up to date reviews for them. Any reviews or thoughts?

    Thank you.


    • spunspun Member

      I got a VPS from them at the end of November so I've been with them for almost 3 months. In that time period there was one instance of downtime that I noticed which was actually yesterday. I guess a router failed or something. They fixed it within a few hours and everything went back to normal.

      I've only put in two support tickets with them. The one when I signed up after I ordered the wrong thing which was promptly fixed with a satisfactory resolution and the one for the downtime, which they fixed and everything was running back to normal.

      The VPS itself works great for my needs. My experience with them has been great so far.

      Thanked by 1sgno1
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