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    Question about Varnish SSL setup
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    Question about Varnish SSL setup

    donkodonko Member

    Following all advices i opted for install varnish to replace caching plugins on wordpress

    I'm using myvesta (nginx+apache) so i read varnish doesn't support SSL by default and all ssl request need to be proxied from (443) back to varnish.

    I tried setup nginx listening on port 443 and varnish on port 80 but i got error with SSL all the time (too many redirects, 404 pages and mixed content error) so the only way i manage to get it working was with aplying this way

    nginx http/https > «cache - varnish http > https(redirect i think) apache

    Now my question is if in this way is fine o is better run directly with apache? because varnish can receive all request from nginx which is lightweight and faster so i can only use apache on the backed for non-cached and expired requests. also i can setup custom nginx profiles to use sites without varnish (only nginx-apache).

    pd: my goal is setup a full wp page cache to avoid mysql usage, tried all plugins and most still bypass widget queries.

    Maybe is a obvious question but i had no friends to ask :c


    • I think your setup is ok since Varnish like you say only accepts HTTP traffic, so you need to convert HTTPS to HTTP, serve to Varnish, then HTTP to HTTPS again to the backend web server.

      That can be NGINX or Apache but personally I would just use full NGINX, it's much faster but the way you do it seems the way to do it, at least according to this site:

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    • JordJord Moderator, Provider

      Or use Litespeed/OpenLiteSpeed and use the WordPress Plugin. Turn all the caching on and tweak settings. Works great and makes WordPress super quick.

      I can get a WordPress site with about 25+ plugins, customised theme and heavy MySQL queries to load within under a second and FTTB 23ms. But using LiteSpeed and their WordPress plugin. I'm sure there is more I can do with tweaking the plugin but it's working great with the basic settings.

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