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    Memcached vs varnish for wordpress?
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    Memcached vs varnish for wordpress?

    donkodonko Member

    Currently i'm using memcached with a old wp plugin to run full page cache on a high traffic site but this plugin don't cache my widgets so i had to use another plugin to avoid mysql usage as much.
    So i found another site -competitor- using varnish cache (reading his request flags) this is better caching system than memcached?.
    I read is cool use both but i'm running out of ram so beetween one or other wich is better to use?

    Site is like a videotube but all videos are embedded from external sources, but database had a lot of entries.


    • RickBakkrRickBakkr Member, LIR

      Use Varnish to serve full page caching, and offload it to a different server (plenty to find here that are cheap and will serve well). Use Redis to cache commonly used database queries. Abandon Memcached.

      Thank me later.

      Thanked by 2donko imok
    • imokimok Member

      Varnish is amazing. In theory it should perform the same as nginx proxy but varnish worked better for me.

      The problem was when updating a post. Somehow the save action was really really slow with Varnish activated. So I had to move to pure nginx.

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    • Yes! Go with varnish.

      Thanked by 1donko

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    • You can use Redis with the Redis Object Cache Plugin. My site is using Redis without problems.

    • Memcached, just setup and forget. For a Varnish... It's more complicated, more time to debug problems (which you will face plenty of).

      Thanked by 1donko

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    • donkodonko Member

      @manlivo said:
      You can use Redis with the Redis Object Cache Plugin. My site is using Redis without problems.

      For redis i'm interested on something like this, not in object cache.

      only bad thing with that plugin is don't have any option to clear cache and on current plugin i use with memcached i can purge by url.

    • sonicsonic Member

      Anyone use Litespeed cache?

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    • imokimok Member

      You can use Redis, Memcached or Varnish with W3 Total Cache. Plenty of options to configure.

      LiteSpeed Cache for Wordpress does the job too (LSCache on server not necessary).

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