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    Looking for an alternative
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    Looking for an alternative

    I wonder if I would be able to find any alternative for
    Paris based oneprovider
    Core i3-530
    2.9 GHz 2 cores
    4 GB DDR3
    2× 1 TB (HDD SATA)
    1 Gbps Unmetered Fair Usage

    What I am looking is about 700GB to 1 TB HDD (SSD or RAID0)
    about 2 - 3 GB of RAM, decent CPU similar to i3-530 or even better
    at last 0.5 Gbps port speed, unmetered or at last 30 TB transfer,
    would be nice to upload own ISO.

    or maybe it would be my best shoot to go with oneprovider ?

    my money I could speed is about 15$


    • benj0xbenj0x Member
      edited February 5

      You should stay with OneProvider. That's dirt cheap - but you've to expect also a quite shitty and overloaded network ( - cheap traffic mix).
      If 100Mbps would be fine for you too you could check out

      is annoyed of VirMach's Black Friday Flash Sale Page.

    • I am alright with their network but thx for the info.

    • @exception0x876 wishosting Storage vps will suit your budget or you can go with kimsufi

      Thanked by 1exception0x876
    • internety1internety1 Member
      edited February 8

      Found something from

      VPS Storage 2019 - STOR-8
      CPU : 8 vCore @ 2,40GHZ+
      Mémoire vive : 8Go DDR3
      Disque dur : 1To RAID 5
      Connexion : 750 Mbps
      Datacenter : Paris Nanterre (PND)
      Technologie : KVM

      any reviews ?

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