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can 384Mb KVM run a current version of wordpress?
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can 384Mb KVM run a current version of wordpress?

jpengjpeng Member

a small blog with IPs less than 1000 each day, powered by wordpress, no plugin installed.
can 384Mb box run this site? (apache2 + modphp + mysql + wordpress).
Thank you.


  • Yes, you can. But you've to optimize your Apache quite well.
    I'm running a couple of personal sites on a 512MB KVM, which works out really well. Usage around 50% of the RAM.

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  • It will work, like mentioned, with some sensible optimization. The right amount of swap can also help if configured sensibly.

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  • dearroydearroy Member, Provider

    I would suggest Nginx instead of Apache2, plus you'll have to use a lower version of MySQL.

    But yes, running WordPress on a 384MB RAM box is possible.

  • Also consider ClassicPress if the intended purpose is blog. Comes by default without Gutenburg and other bloatware. Also light on memory. I had tested it on a 256 MB machine with partial success, 384 should work better.

  • disable all inmemory caching, then ur good

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