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One help desk or different help desk?
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One help desk or different help desk?

Goodmorning everyone!

Lately I have made a nice restyle of my services and products. I currently use a little known CRM called PerfexCRM, purchased on Codecanyon. I have been using it for 2 years and I have to be honest I really like it.
Manages customers, projects, quotes, web2lead, ticket support, knowledge base and much more ...
It has a nice community of developers and buying some modules has simplified my life.

Currently a doubt arises due to the location of the products. To make you understand the process a little:

customer buys my X product because he sees the site and sends me an email for info
customer buys enrolls on the CRM I generate invoice, payments, contract etc product delivery
the products are fairly standard but there is always email "how do I do this .." or "it doesn't work because" in a quick and fast way I look for the reference KB and it is integrated in the answer.

My question is: do I try to centralize everything on CRM or assistance in an even more advanced way better to use a dedicated service such as freshdesk or osticket?
Especially better to unify everything on a single portal or each product a dedicated help desk with dedicated support?

I hope I have been clear.

Thank you for your reply


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