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    Virtualizor high memory usage
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    Virtualizor high memory usage

    tester4tester4 Member
    edited January 31 in Help

    Hey guys,

    I've emailed Virtualizor support before the pitchforks have been taken out but just wanted to ask for the experience of other Virtualizor users. I have a hypervisor with 2 VM's on it using a total assignment of 16GB. The machine has 32GB of memory and is somehow using 30.5GB so 15GB more than it should be. Cache usage is only 1GB and I can't see anything in top to show any additional memory usage.

    I'm fairly certain it's related to memory ballooning as the actual VM processes aren't scaling back memory usage as inside VM memory usage drops, it's keeping them at 100% assigned memory usage but thought I'd ask for advice anywho.

    Any particular ideas as to what would cause this?



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