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    Looking for self-managed dedicated server to run Arch Linux on
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    Looking for self-managed dedicated server to run Arch Linux on

    Definitions here fairly loose because there are no hard and fast requirements. Not expecting any heavy demands early on which helps. I'll be able to afford to add or upgrade as and when that grows, at which time the spec will be likely to tighten.

    Prefer AMD but the only real constraint is that the ethernet controller must not be obsolete as Arch will not operate with broken drivers. If Intel is all that's on offer within budget I'll go for it.

    Minimum 8gb memory. Higher would be excellent. Would prefer minimum 1tb storage, 2tb if possible, again will accept lower if necessary.

    Location, in order of preference, UK, anywhere in Europe, North America. Budget has slight flexibility, probably necessary anyway due to currency fluctuations, but in region of £UK30, EUR35, $US40. Sorry, EU folks, can't find the Euro key combo on my UK keyboard ;-)

    TIA for all assistance/pointers/offers.



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