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    Speed up websites hosted on Plesk
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    Speed up websites hosted on Plesk

    rensvarensva Member

    Hey all,

    Who has some server tweaks to speed up PHP sites running on Plesk? We are already using php 7.4 on Nginx.


    • TheLinuxBugTheLinuxBug Member
      edited January 18

      If you are at the point you are asking this question, then the answer is you need to actually tune things on a lower level and not in Plesk. Meaning, you need to do your own optimizations on things like the database server, database queries in your application code, stopping un-needed services which are using up your available memory or CPU time that are not needed and other basic low level optimizations.

      To be honest, the largest performance gain would be from removing Plesk completely from the server and just configuring the stack your self manually. Most of the overhead on a Plesk server is Plesk it's self and all the different un-needed daemons and such it sets up and maintains, which you don't actually need to run a web site, but are just nice to have installed by default.

      I know this probably isn't the response you were looking for, but if you need to gain further performance out of a Plesk server, generally you go the route of upgrading your resources more to be able to handle better the overhead of Plesk being there. Plesk does it's best to optimize the HTTP stack out of the box and only leaves a few lower level optimizations that really can have any impact.

      my 2 cents.


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    • use cache , cdn , PHP Minify . Google for how to optimize website

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    • WebProjectWebProject Member, Provider

      Combination of Nginx and Apache web servers, I can’t say it’s slow, unless your do have issue with your code.

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    • Plesk is slow

      Remember the value of LET is purely based on its traffic.

    • xaocxaoc Member

      @cybertech said:
      Plesk is slow

      Plesk is fast

      So Say We All

    • @xaoc said:

      @cybertech said:
      Plesk is slow

      Plesk is fast


      Remember the value of LET is purely based on its traffic.

    • @mustafamw3 said:
      use cache , cdn , PHP Minify . Google for how to optimize website

      PHP minify xD

    • JordJord Moderator, Provider

      Litespeed, makes things go FAST.

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