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Dedicated servers at "European" costs in the US?
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Dedicated servers at "European" costs in the US?

Well, the title says it all. What options exist for dedicated (unmanaged) hosting at reasonable costs and modern specs?

The cheapest I can find with a good cost to specs ratio is obviously OVH in the US and CA. OVH in the US though is pretty limiting to what you can configure. E.g. there doesn't seem to be an option for adding network backups as they already do for their EU datacenters.

Beyond that, I've found US Dedicated (limited setups, good costs), Hivelocity and Servermania (both with somewhat reasonable costs), but surely, there are no "Hetzner" or "" class costs anywhere to be found.

I'm generally looking at min. 8 CPU threads, 64GBs of RAM, 2 x 500GB storage (SSD or NVMe).

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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