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need some information regarding my required setup
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need some information regarding my required setup

MyelinMyelin Member

Please bear with me.
I am planning to get windows dedicated server. I will use it to run multiple linux desktops on it using virtual machine. Each virtual machine will run OBS to stream content to different sites. Am i thinking practically, before you start answering, i have no interest and patience to setup and maintain nginx with rtmp. I was thinking of just getting 2GB vps everytime i need to start a new stream channel, but it can become too expensive with multiple VPS. is not feasible as i need same multiple broadcasts to send to them. Furthermore OBS does not allow broadcast to multiple places at one time.

Any suggestions?


  • vpsGODvpsGOD Member, Provider

    i am sharing low end cpu(OBS eats CPU) what i have tested and client satisfied

    E3-12xxv2,3 5 - can handle 1 steam OBS instance with smooth stream 1080p
    i7- 3770 - can handle 1 steam OBS instance with smooth stream 1080p. But when time goes you need to close and start again

    Dont think VPS will be better if you need good quality stream

    Sharing CPU core is not advisable for OBS

    you can even get a E3, 8GB RAM, 120gb ssd,port speed 200mbps under 30 usd ..look around LET for dedicated server : Shared | Reseller | VPS | RDP | Dedi | VPS Reseller

    $16/yr VPS- ovz7 NL| 256MB RAM

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