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    [HostingInside] Taiwan Dedicated Server $60/month !!
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    [HostingInside] Taiwan Dedicated Server $60/month !!

    jenokjenok Member, Provider
    edited January 2 in Offers

    8GB DDR3 ECC 1600Mhz
    1TB Enterprise HDD
    100mbps Premium Network(Not ADSL/FTTB)
    No China Premium, only China Mobile exclusive route available !! China users, please mind your step before order.
    2500GB Traffic/month (both direction)
    1 IPv4
    Linux(Free)/Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 Standard($25/month)

    Coupon Code SPECIALECHER
    $102.66 Now $60/month
    Order Link

    Upstream: NTT & FlagTel
    Peering: TPIX, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft
    Datacenter: Taipei Internet Exchange, Taiwan
    Test IP:

    HostingInside LTD. - Taiwan, US, UK, Germany KVM & XEN VPS Provider + RAID 10 + Daily & Offsite Backup


    • jenok said: 2500GB Traffic/month


      How come Asian traffic are so expensive?

    • Not a mystery. Asia traffic IS expensive.

    • pikepike Member

      @Globepeer yeah but why?

    • jenokjenok Member, Provider

      greattomeetyou said: How come Asian traffic are so expensive?

      pike said: @Globepeer yeah but why?

      Simply because most upstream wont sell it cheap like Cogent did, even Cogent offers the lowest price in Asia but they don't have local traffic , who want that then ?
      Or comparing HE in Hong Kong/Singapore, they are almost half price cheaper than HE in Taiwan. After all HE in Asia wont be same price or cheaper with HE in US or Europe.

      HostingInside LTD. - Taiwan, US, UK, Germany KVM & XEN VPS Provider + RAID 10 + Daily & Offsite Backup
    • webdevwebdev Member

      Maybe because IsLand and Sea...

    • pikepike Member
      edited January 2

      @jenok so you mean there is simply fewer transit provider compared to EU or the USA, which means less competition, which explains higher price. Or is there another reason? I have no idea about WAN setup/operational costs and the markets but saying the price is high because the price is high seems unreasonable.

    • jenokjenok Member, Provider

      @pike technology, infrastructure, bla bla too many reason

      HostingInside LTD. - Taiwan, US, UK, Germany KVM & XEN VPS Provider + RAID 10 + Daily & Offsite Backup
    • GlobepeerGlobepeer Member
      edited January 3

      The submarine cables and landing stations are owned by a handful of companies. They do not want to peer but want you to purchase IP transit from them. Like Telstra in Australia, Tata in India etc.
      Asia is densely populated so the companies can actually serve more users unlike North America where everything is far apart, but lack of competition keeps cost high and high barrier of entry (capital wise) keeps small companies away. Most of the companies purchase bulk bandwidth from these Tier-1 providers and then resell it.
      Take the case of South Korea where home internet packages are cheap and the speeds are high, but do you see popular datacenters there? No. Must be a reason. Only Singapore in Asia is reasonable, but even that is high cost wise, say, compared to Europe. You won't see a lot of offers on 1G/10G or unmetered bandwidth.

      Thanked by 1pike
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