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Does Seafile have Borgbackup's concept of repositories?
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Does Seafile have Borgbackup's concept of repositories?

I'm thinking about online backups and I wonder whether seafile has something similar to borgbackup's repositories.

Are the repositories in borgbackup something offered by the providers, eg, or are they features of the borgbackup server software itself?

Is a repository simply a fancy name for a dataset, or a particular set of files from the client's perspective?

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  • a repo in borg holds multiple datasets (backups) and uses deduplication across those.
    essentially you just use a directory/destination which you initialize as 'repo' with the encryption/compression settings etc.
    on a single storage server you can have multiple destinations/repos which then would not share deduplication etc.

    that's probably what makes it interesting/easy for providers of such borg storage ;-)

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